Ali (b. Alison Jean Mitton, Brisbane, 1985) is what happened when you are a daydreamer with an eye for soft nostalgic beauty who went studying Photography in Southbank Institute of Tafe and Griffith University Australia. “Youth culture, love, memories, nostalgia, film and fashion inspire me the most.” – that’s what she said in our interview.

Been taking pictures for as long as she can remember, Ali finds that sometimes it is very difficult to try to use art as her main source of income. “But I am so passionate about photography and I know I will never do anything else. So here I am, learning new things, enjoying them, and evolving as an artist.”

“The images I make are a combination of the world I am a part of, and the way my mind sees the world – not as it actually is but the way I imagine it should be. Being completely present to any given moment enables me to view it from an entirely fresh perspective – as if opening my eyes for the very first time.”

She admits that she has a childlike perspective  of life — “And I think my images reflect that.”, it is mainly because she wants keep things raw and natural. The most important thing for her is to make images with emotion, all good imagery should evoke some kind of emotion in the viewer and she believes this should be the case with commercial/advertising as well. People, or you advertisers could say target market, want to feel attached to what they see, they should be able to identify with it. — Now this is something that we highly agree.

To name a few, Ali has worked with Billabong, Sally Jones, Tom Gunn, Joy French, Rhythm Girls Australia and Grace Loves Lace. Ali has also attending several exhibitions, such as Dream West exhibition, le Duex Burleigh Heads (2010) and Solo show in Retrospect Gallery Australia (2011). And she also has been featured in several magazines, such as, Peppermint Magazine, Clay Magazine, Culture, Cake Mag, Spook and Monster Children.

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