Ana (b. Ana Kraš, Belgrade, 1983) was raised in Belgrade, Serbia – a city she really likes because the way it’s rough. She grew up in the war conflict zone of Yugoslavia, finished the university of applied arts some years ago and since then she’s working on different projects; furnitures, pictures and yes, she draws. :)

For Ana, who constantly drawing and making things in her parents’ copy shop since early age, and has never really lived outside Belgrade in her childhood, the most obvious evidence of her background is in her approach to design in general. “Poor conditions help you develop other skills,” she says. “You learn to make your ideas very small, simple, and shy, and sometimes that’s the best way. In a good Western school, a kid has all the tools and possibilities, so he draws a fluid-shaped table in plastic, fabricates it with a prototyping machine, and there it is: a ridiculous thing that’s expensive to make. In a bad school in Serbia, even if the kid dreams of a white fluid table, there’s no way to make it. So he’ll draw something he can have done easily, and he’ll end up designing at least a practical thing.”

To name a few, Ana has worked with Nike, Vice Magazine (UK & Italy) and PIG Magazine (Italy). She is now moving her studio to Manhattan, New York, to develop her interior design work, besides illustrating and taking pictures of her life.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Ana, email us.


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