Bárbara (b. Bárbara Marie Oettinger Searle, Santiago, 1981) has art flowing in her blood, since she was born, for having artist as mother, and not to mention, her complete education in art; Bachelor in Fine Arts, University of Chile, Santiago de Chile – followed by Postgrade of Arts and New Technologies and Interactive Multimedia, University of Chile, Santiago de Chile, and finally, the Master of Fine Arts at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Santiago de Chile.

“I’m a visual artist who loves to work with different techniques to express ideas. I first study painting at the University, but always interested – with so much passion! – in photography and illustration. So over time I was increasingly introducing my self in those fields. In general, the theme of the subject and its internal conflict is always present in my work. The insecurity and dependence of the subject with the family, friends and society.” – Bárbara told us at the interview.

And then she continued, “For me to illustrate is the way to liberate myself of the academy, from those very theoritical art projects which I have always been involved with. I love them too, don’t get me wrong, but, we all like to explore, right?”

Bárbara creates when she observes and explores human emotion, captured in places she went in Chile, objects and memory. “Here, in Chile, the field of illustration is taking an important place and force. There are so many good Illustrators that works with so many different techniques. There is an Illustration Gallery named PLOP! — that works with national & international artists. They organize exhibitions, have a store, and they are also editing the first Chilean Illustrator catalog that is going to be launched in the Guadalajara Book Fair in early December this year, in which I’m going to be part.”

To name a few, Bárbara has worked with Xtrata (Future Brand, London) and EDECSA. She also has been attending several exhibitions, such as; a solo exhibition Symbiosis (Santiago, 2011), Postcards from Valparaíso (Santiago, 2012), Chile Rebelarte (Santiago, 2011), Exhibition of Latinoamerican artists “Always the same, always another. A resistance reading on.” (Buenos Aires, 2011), BICENTENNIAL VERSION XXI ARTISTS (Santiago, 2010), and many more.

She has also been featured in The Tremendous Family, The Youth Quake, and Inkult Magazine — And got several awards, such as FONDART Project (2008-2009), Student Support Fund of the UC Master of Arts (2011), Blue Student Creativity (2006), 1st place (category B) XXI CENTURY ARTISTS Competition BICENTENNIAL VERSION (2010), She’s also been selected to the residence of Max Pam photography in the city of Valparaiíso Chile (November 2011), Ch.ACO Fair (2011), and an artistic residence Lugar a dudas center in Cali Colombia (2011).

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