Bea (b. Bea Ariani Putri, Jakarta, 1989), just graduated from Visual Communication major of Bina Nusantara University, is a 149 cm height creature, Indonesian girl – but people oftenly mistaken her a hobbit ;) – who loves to draw since her early years of living, when her mother put a flowery bed sheet on her bed, and she started to draw on it, following the line, making up new lines, and put some color on it.
As she said in our interview, “Almost everything triggers me to draw. But I can say that my grandpa was a big influence. He’s not an artist, but he sometimes paint on his leisure time, and I couldn’t help but noticed that he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed drawing on my bed sheet.”

and then she added, “I draw the things around, could be serious thoughts/principles, dreams, up to some silly conversation that I had during the day, or even a pattern I saw on a bra in the store, I have this addiction to collect bra or lingerie. Basically almost everything could be my fuel of inspiration.”

For Bea, Illustration is not just an illustration, it represent thoughts, sometimes not so bold that people can still have their freedom to interpret the illustration with something related to themselves. And the illustration does not stop there. People might see ads, products, or anything that started of from a sketch of ideas. It’s not that illustration is the only way of showing your ideas, but it is one of the easiest ways for people to channel theirs.

(Hmm, so every big idea starts from one single sketch, we love that fact, Bea.)

To name a few, Bea has worked with Macchaya, Voila and Awanani (Band) – she has also attended Pragamana Karya exhibition in Plaza Desain Jakarta (2010).

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Bea, email us.


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