Who are you guys?

David, Noran and Riza. Hello.
David came from film production house background, while Noran came from digital advertising and photography background, and Riza came from product design and illustration background.
God only knows why he set us three to meet and form Verve, we’re just here for the fun ride.

Will I be working with you three?

Yes. Mostly Noran and Riza. We also got writers and creative content team, and a troop of producers too, to handle projects.


We are located in in a small garden studio in Bintaro-polis suburb in southern Jakarta, Indonesia, but work remotely with artists & clients from all over the world.

How does this work?

Easy peasy. Tell us why you would need a photography or illustration service? We like stories! Send it to contact@ververeps.com — If you don’t know where to start, request a “Project Brief” from us in your email.

From there we can advice you our creative insights, recommend you our artists that we think you will like (if you haven’t choose one already), and estimate on the budget. If you have budget limitation, let us know from the first place, so we can figure on which will work out best in your condition.

For small or quick projects, we will correspondence through email, calls, meeting, chat, skype. For major projects that will last for more than a week, we will correspondence through basecamp (we’ll sign you up), things are so much organized there, look at it as your virtual office; you can do feedbacks, track progress, explain revisions, reference sharing, check project’s timeline, or basically just talk about anything.

There’s no fixed ratecard?

No. Every project is unique here. We got local and international artists, their rates are vary. … And based on what happened so far, we never had an exact same commissioned project, each one of it has its own background, idea, challenge, and mission.

We withold our number just for our clients, this is to negate hours of lost time answering marketing and sales calls. As you can imagine, we’ve been there and done that!

How do I know that you won’t be expensive?

There’s only one way: ask us. That’s one of the whys we need to hear your “story” first.
Our artists are cool people who work with all of their heart, of course they all have bills to pay, but it’s not the only thing that matters. If they find your project is a calling for them, they’d love to support you.

We work remotely and keep our studio small, in the suburbs of Jakarta, is also because we want to keep our expenses low, so we can offer you a reasonable price. We’ll make everything fair for everyone — for the artists, for the clients, everyone — when you deal with us.

I’m not used with working remotely. I’m not sure if I want to hire freelancers who don’t live in the same city as I am.

Well welcome to project practicality 2.0! This condition will soon be inevitable to you because things will progress :)

We only recruit highly professional artists (Yes, that is not an oxymoron.) with a wide span of working records, we can guarantee their commitment to any project they have. Details like time-difference and communication schedule are their day-to-day adaptation in terms of handling worldwide projects. We will handle them directly and representing them to you fully, you will almost think that your artist is in the next building, working on your mission.

Our deadline is in one hour/tomorrow morning/sunday afternoon/holiday  weekend! Can you help?

We can try!

Hmm.. I’m not sure if I want to do this, to hire your artists. My project is not really fixed yet.. But I might need your artist’s skill for this. Can we talk first?

First things first; you have to wrap your project’s mission, internally. Uncertainty costs both of us a wasted time :)
Once you know what you want, contact us. Email us, or call Noran or Riza, tell them about what you think you will need, they’re always ready to give you advices and insights.

Due to Jakarta traffic and efficiency, we reduce pitch/introduction meeting frequencies and only prioritize for the running projects. For pitch and introductory, you can email or call us, we’re always up to prepare you a presentation set!

I’m not used to Image Licensing, usually Illustrators or Photographers I have hired here in Indonesia just give everything they did to me and pretty much did nothing when I’m deliberately using their works for any campaigns I want.

It’s called Buy Out, we can do that too. It’s not really efficient because you might end up paying for uses you do not really need. Verve Reps is service-oriented and accessible if additional uses arise. Our primary goal is, of course, to build a long-term business relationship, so tell us what your marketing/campaign/business plans are and we can work out an equitable license or set structure for future re-use.

Why do you need to know how we are going to use the artwork?

Everyone has heard about Copyright. Yet, what each person knows about Copyright Law and how they feel about it varies pretty wildly. Some are strong supporters of artists’ rights, while others believe Copyright Law has gone too far and think the use of creative work should be more free and easy. Others still are unaware of the business of licensing artwork altogether.

Basically what we’re trying to develop is the sense of fairness and respect between the artist and the industry eco-system. It happens in all over the world, it should be happening in Indonesia too. Copyright Law, and also Intellectual Property Rights, applied universally and we will follow its consideration wisely.

By sharing us your plan with the work from Verve Reps artist, it’d be a great direction for us to design you a customized image license plan that will work out for you.

If you are ever in doubt about the licensing of work commissioned from a Verve Reps artist, please ask and we shall promptly explain!

I know that you provide production management, but.. do you provide Creative Consultancy service?

Yes! Glad that we have Noran who was a Creative Director for multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta and Bangkok, and Riza who once run a Design consultancy in London and Kuala Lumpur – they’ll be your guides. Noran and Riza are also a Photographer and an Illustrator until now, so you’re coming to a right place for insights.

I’m a client from aboard, how do I hire your service?

If you live in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Tokyo, Sydney, Vienna or New York, luckily we got producers who work for us there, and able to hook you up directly with us.
For other cities, email us so we can discuss. We’re very remote so it is very, very possible for us to do a production aboard.

Updated per January 2013

Do you provide wedding photographer?

No. Unless if you’re a quirky eccentric couple who wants your wed to be documented conceptually in a form of art.

I see you have in-house designers, can you develop a design project for us?

Our in-house designers are here to support the project’s post-production. For example, if you have hired our Illustrator to make you a logo, then our designers are available to apply the logo to other applications you will need. Or if you have hired our Photographer to make you a set of photographs for your event, then our designers can design the album, customized each one following each client’s request. 

However if you’re looking for a team of creative designers, we’ll be gladly referring you to our sister studio, Sunday, who focuses in Multimedia & Graphic Design and Digital Development.


Do you still in need to ask more questions? Shoot them up!