Daven (b. Daven Lee, Padang, 1985) went to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia before he’s finally residing in Singapore and channel his overflowing ideas and creativity. “Since I was young, I know I have the eyes for beauty.” he told us in the interview, and then he reminisced the first days when he encountered with fashion photography,

“I was serving national service in Singapore in 2008, by then I was amazed by photographers work on the holy internet, like David LaChapelle, Dan Santoso.. Steven Klein. I’m amazed with how a picture can tell a story through fashion. It gave me the excitement and it challenged me in every way possible towards finding myself, and my passion, in life – allows me experiment with my imaginations and emotions. So that’s when I started doing fashion photography. I would like to share my appreciation for beauty with the world.”

Daven’s unique style, dark with an edgy twist, have been a good serve to his perfectionism when expressing his idea of fashion. Living remote in between two countries, Singapore and Jakarta, has made him observe more diversity of fashion, “I think Singapore is very influenced by the western, but still conservative in a way. But Jakarta, has a strong, exotic and dramatic style, and it gets more avant-garde nowadays.”

To name a few, Daven has worked with Max Tan, Divine Couture, Two of Us, Southaven, Gioielli, Frederic Sai, Bolzano, L’ile Aux Ashby & Depression. He has been attending several exhibitions, such as, Canon FSO Fashion Photography Singapore, Chivas Regal & Christian Lacroix exhibition (Singapore, 2011). He had an Honourable Mention from Ion & Harper’s Bazaar Photography Award (Singapore, 2011), and Daven also has been featured in The Strait Times Urban Features, two years in a row (2010 & 2011).

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