Diela (b. Fadhilla Maharanie, Jakarta, 1983) went studying auditing in UIN Jakarta, before she came to a decision that drawing is what she always wanted to do. “I love art since childhood, I draw since childhood but never study art further, instead I took Auditing as major in College, I dropped it as I found my way into my only passion: illustration, fashion, and art.”

Diela admits that her today, is, simply a kid… ruined by age, yet, a proud wife. Before her illustrating lives, she was a corporate accountants who spent her lunch time drawing. She quit it and now she has been drawing professionally for the last 5 years. “What makes me keep doing what I do now is that, before this happens I’ve been doing other things that don’t define me, that don’t make me happy. Now I’m happy, I will keep doing this, I found myself in this, this is me and I’m not going to stop being me, no matter what.”

“I think the art scene here in Indonesia is growing so ridiculously fast these days, we used to think that we could hardly reach the acknowledgements from the world for our art… But the way I see it today, all of the sudden, so many Indonesian artists are everywhere on earth marking their art existence. It’s remarkable.” — For Diela, a great artwork is something that doesn’t need to be hip or dramatic or outstanding, a good artwork is a piece that speaks, reflects, and able to communicate what’s inside the artist’s head; his concept, his opinion, his life, the way he sees the world. We couldn’t agree more with that.

To name a few, Diela has worked with Wall’s, Izzi, Indofood, Area Magz, Mytha (Video clip illustration) and Babibutafilm’s movie poster “Postcards from The Zoo” — She also has been attending several exhibitions, such as, Lazy Brown Fox (Jakarta), Topeng Nusantara UNESCO (Jakarta), Park ‘n Rock (Paris-Marseille-Toulouse), Kopi Keliling vol. 2 & 3 (Jakarta), and Headache (Paris).

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