Dylan (b. Aldila Wulandari Kusumashanty Pranadjaja, Jakarta, 1984) went to London Public School (Jakarta) and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (Malaysia) but then dropped these legit education she had, to pursue the true love she has for photography. Dylan moved to Singapore in 2007, she was mentored by Ivanho Harlim, and also interned for Juice Magazine when she was there. Then, soon, she packed her bags and moved to New York all by herself. She didn’t know anybody at her first couple of weeks there, and one day she met Ale Zuek, who then mentored her. “I don’t know when exactly it happened but I remember when I first held a camera, it just felt right, since then I was hooked.”

She reminisces, “When I got my first DSLR camera, like every other earthling, I went crazy and just took pictures of the most random things, even cats. And then I met this girl, Nadia. She came to my grandparent’s house and we just took pictures all day, was my first photoshoot ever and it was so much fun. There was one photo in particular called “Radioactive Lullabies’ (it’s a photo of her licking a flower) I posted it on my deviantart account and strangely people loved it, it had gotten more than 6,000 favorites, and I was like hey… people like my photo. So that single photo is the one that started it all.”

Back into present time, all of her experiences have shaped her to be a breathing & living soul brimmed with creative thoughts, for her, photography is not just pictures, but more like — images, ideas, dreams and visions blended altogether. She’s not easily satisfied, she once told us – and that is why sometimes she just can’t post a photo just the way it is. “It’s like “good as it is’ but I like to add elements to it, that’s why it can seriously take me forever to edit, plus I’m a perfectionist when it comes to editing, I have to be inspired sadly. People who are close to me know that once I’m inspired I can’t stop, and no one can stop me. It’s like a drug.”

Besides photography and modeling, Dylan also sings. She was raised in a family with classic music streaming heavily inside the members’ vein. When we asked her about her possession and inspiration, she smiled and simply said, “I have an obsession with talented people. I’m so grateful I’m always surrounded by endless talented and inspiring people. My life isn’t perfect but I’m happy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

To name a few, Dylan has worked with Nylon, Nylon Guys, Juice, The Bastards of Young — she also has been featured in Ripple, FABRIC, Red and White Magazine, Majalah Gadis, Majalah GoGirl, and Spice.

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