Eduardo (b. Eduardo Bertone, Rosario, 1977) has been living a trans-cultural life, if we can say so. Eduardo is an Italian citizen who was born and bred in Argentina until he received his bachelor degree for Graphic Design, and then he continued his study for Illustration in Spain. “I spend my last 13 years in Europe, mostly in Spain and some time in UK, London. And my girlfriend is Japanese, love is really important in this equation. Each place has a different style related with their history, culture, religion and politic. I love cultural fusion, I always try to take the best part of each part.”

He is certainly doing it right. Eduardo is a creative soul who is simply couldn’t stop his passion to art, cinema and music. “I think art is one of the reasons why it is worth to live. It makes me feel great and it´s my way to express and communicate myself with the rest of the world. I believe drawing is my duty, I just feel I have to do it, better and better. I always try to have fun doing it, even if a commercial purpose I try to find the way to enjoying doing it.”

When he’s apart from his drawing desk, he enjoys traveling discovering different cultures. “South America has a strong culture related with original cultures (aborigines) and its colonies influences. Spain is part of Europe but it has Arabic and Gypsies influence. London is one of the cradles of the European culture. And finally, my girlfriend´s love increase my love for Asia.”

To name a few, Eduardo has been working with Bear Flag Wines, Universal, WWF, Boost Movie L.A, Barnhart USA, Toronto Life Magazine, Stolichnaya Vodka, Smart Cars, and many others.

Eduardo has also accomplishing several assignments and exhibitions, such as; AMOS “Showtime” in Germany in 2011, which was held in numerous spots: BEATLEMANIA Museum (Hamburg), Helmet Gallery (Munich), systM (Berlin), Arty Farty (Cologne), Galerie Loyal (Kassel), Nina Sagt (Düsseldorf), neongolden (Wiesbaden), Art Store St. Pauli (Hamburg), Parzelle 403 (Basel) — another project is Fabrica: les yeux ouverts Colors Notebook (Itinerant), that was held gradually in Centre Pompidou / Paris 2006, Triennale di Milano / Milan 2007, Shanghai Art Museum / Shanghai 2007, TYPOberlin 13th International Conference / Berlin 2008, Shiodomeitalia Cerative Center / Tokyo 2008, Fabrica Features space in Lisbon / Lisbon 2009, MAK DESIGN SPACE / Austrian Museum of Contemporary Art / Vienna 2009.
Another exhibitions attended was in ARTAQ AWARD (Berlin – Brussels – Lyon – Paris, 2011-2012), Ship of Fools (Netherland, 2011), 49th Annual Illustration West Exhibition, 2010 Applied Arts Exhibit and Creative Expo/Artscape Wychwood Barns (Toronto, 2010), Lille3000 festival (France, 2009), Outsiders Exhibition (Netherlands, 2007), and many more.

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