Last May Evelyn was shooting for what apparently is a stock album for 1 11 Resorts collateral and commercial campaign. From fashion to interior to exterior to still life to company profile shots, she did them all.
What you see above is for the advertising campaign. While below are stock shoots for 1 11 Resorts’s website, brochures and other company credentials (Click image to enlarge).

Shoot was taken in Seminyak Bali for two sunny days in a row. Thank you for everyone, from the creative team, stylist, models, make up artists, photography assistants, driver, basically everybody who has cooperatively helped us. Oh and thankyou bvilla for the pizzas and fried ducks and nasi ayam and beers and endless supply of cold ice black coffees, they surely saved the day! :)

Agency: Artnivora, brand: 1 11 Resorts

Behind the scene: