Evelyn (b. Evelyn Pritt, Jakarta) attended her first exhibition, a photography exhibition that was held by Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (as the youngest artist! She was 16 back then) – that is when she’s fallen in love with photography. She started taking pictures with analog cameras since junior high school, but then decided to study Visual Communication Design in college, worked as Senior Web Designer in Ogilvy Interaction a few years back and now back settled with photography, for good. “It’s always been something that I wanted to do anyway.” as she said in our interview. And she continued,

“And do you know what I love the most from being an autodidact photographer? It’s the curiosity that motors me to learn and explore all possibilities in photo related medium. No one telling me how, the only reason why I finally found out, is because I want to find it out.”

Evelyn treats photography as a channel to express distant emotions. Most of her works are recognized by the clean, crafted, meticulously prepared details. By living remotely between Jakarta and Singapore, Evelyn found that the transition between two culture of two different countries shaped her perception. These days she lives more frequently in Indonesia. “I remember 3-4 years ago, agencies contacted me and showing me pictures that they need me to make. Somebody else’s pictures, sometimes random pictures. It was a little awkward for me to do it, but seems like everybody’s doing it, probably Indonesian clients are not there yet in treating a photographer to represent their brand. But these days the sun shines brighter for photographers here, these days they are starting to want photographers because of their styles, so we are slowly getting in the right track, which is deliberately awesome.”

To name a few, Evelyn has worked with Heineken, Blue Bird Group, Bank Permata, Bank Niaga, Jakarta Convention Center, Telkom Indonesia, Westin Hotel Bali, Anantara Hotel Bali, Nokia, Sampoerna Hijau, Rexona, PT Ultra Jaya, Indomaret, Dynaplast, Nikicio, Jewel Rocks — and also has done editorials in several magazines, such as Rolling Stone Indonesia, CLEO, Girlfriend, and many more.

She also has been recognized in international awards, such as PDN The Look (Advertising, Merit, 2010), International Photography Award (Honorable Mention in Fine Arts, Portrait, 2010) and another International Photography Award (Honorable Mention in Fine Arts, Still Life, 2008).

And to continue from her first exhibition in Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara (Kota Kita I) long days ago, she has attended group exhibitions in Jakarta Biennale XIII, Mata Perempuan 2, Jakarta International Photo Summit, Sensecity, GRACE Heritage Film & Photography Award by National Geographic Society and Lalu Kini Nanti.

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