Francesca (b. Francesca Reinero, Cuneo, 1978) lives in a beautiful village at the foot of the mountain Bisalta, Italy — surrounded by woods, rivers, animals such as deer, owls, robins, squirrels, foxes, badgers, and all other lovely animals. She was graduated from Academy of Arts in 2000 with honors, and now feels lucky because she managed to turn a passion into an exciting independent activity that allows her to live well and to meet wonderful people all over the world.

“I draw since I was a child, like the majority of children, I think. When I was a little girl I loved making up stories, situations, characters starting from the observation of a photo. Now I note ideas, images and all that I can use to create a beautiful image, on worksheets, this can happen at any moment, there are no rules. But when I draw I need to be alone, to be surrounded by my pencils, my colors, my sheets and my space.” she told us in our interview. Until this very second, she hasn’t stop drawing. “The most important component that has allowed me and allows me today working in the creative sphere is the game. Being able to catch an abstract idea and try to make it real. Solve problems inventing new visual perspectives with the ultimate and shared goal to creating beauty. In some way I learn and grow every day through the work that I get commissioned. So even the seemingly impossible deadlines turn into gratifying challenges.”

And then she continued. “Observing is definitely a great source of inspiration. My imagination is constantly evolving. Watch and study what the Great Masters have made is essential for me. With Great Masters I mean not just painters or illustrators, but also Masters of cinema, literature and music. Look, look and look… That enriches you and it is as important as knowing, at the right time, how to meditate with an empty mind on nothing, facing a blank sheet of paper, without fear; without getting trapped in their own style but always reinventing itself, to have more freshness.”
Francesca never holds herself when it comes to technique development, from drawing digitally, vectorial to watercolor, charcoal, collage, depending on the needs and usage, she explores everything that is possible.

To name a few, Francesca has worked with CoolShoe Corp., Maritime Alps Park, La Favorita, Slow Food, Vocierranti Association, Piedmont Region and many more.
She has won 1st prize at the National contest to design the logo of the Ministry of Culture and Environment in Rome (2000), used to promote “the week of art” throughout Italy; 1st prize for the design of the “Alliance Française” logo (1998) and awards for graphic design “Franco Ravotti” in 1997, 1998, 2001 and 2004.
In 2010, she has also published the illustrated book “Bolsitas raras” edited by “Aljiibes Ediciones” in Italy.

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