Giulio (b. Giulio Iurissevich, Pordenone, 1972) loves images ever since when he was born, — “And perhaps even earlier.” he reminisces. “I like to watch, hear and communicate through images.”

Life, women, instinct & nature are four of the most things that inspire him. When we asked him on what drives him to still be drawing for more than 30 years, he simply answered, “I still do it  because I love my job, which is above all, passion. When the work is passion allows you to know you better especially when you’re pressed to the difficulties so you find the motivation to overcome them,
— because you think it’s worth it.”
We couldn’t agree more on that.

Giulio is a very wholeheartedly tolerant artist that is rarely to be found these days. “When I work on commission, I try to satisfy what they ask me, in this sense I am very flexible. I do this work for a living. But doing images is even a cure for me, a way to know me better,to insight, a way to communicate to others, and a way to live doing what others ask me through my images.” – Living in Italy, eventhough it is filled by brilliant and talented people, shapes the artists there to be more courageous to challenge themselves. Luckily Giulio manages to do it confidently.

To name a few, Giulio has worked with Pepsi, Mazda, Burlington, Estee Lauder, Elle, Maire Claire, Gala, The Source, GRAHAM & BROWN, Oxford University Press, Vancouver Olympics 2010, Zoom Zoom Magazine, Brunel, Frezza, Ottagono, Casamania, Plastic, Virus, Folio, Audiac, Supperclub, GAP, Banana Republic, Pordenone Blues festival, and the list is still long.

He has attending many exhibitions (pretty much) internationally, and has been featured in Luerzher’s Archive  as one of the 200 best Illustrators worldwide (2007-2011), The Big Book of Fashion Illustration (Batsford), Artaq Urban Arts awards, 400ml Book, The Africa Fashion Guide and Monalisa Re-Imagined.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Giulio, email us.


_Location: Pordenone, Italy (Available for long distance project) • Giulio’s updates   _HIRE_



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