Hakan (b. Akif Hakan Celebi, Istanbul, 1983) — is a Miami resident who is currently living in Hong Kong. He manages to implement and blend current trends in visual arts with his own creativity which is influenced by many great movies especially from the Far East.

He started his early career in TV production, by then he wanted to be individually creative and have total control over what he is producing, so he quit TV production and started taking photos on full-time basis in 2004.
Hakan explains photography as; “… The reflection of my personality, a way to explore the other people through lens, making the most interesting qualities of everybody coming out. I like to improvise, to start working since I’ve met the mode, in the place we are; in this way the ideas immediately come to life.
On the other hand, to take photos for a commercial purpose, you need to make a more detailed plan and, in this case, I meet up with a work team to discuss about the main point (the guideline) to give to the shoots; this gives me a starting point. However, I “betray” this starting point while the developement of the work when i find out some ideas able to give a turn to the whole thing.”

In most of his works, his goal is to give the viewers a story and set an atmospheric mood within the images he creates. He brings ‘Expressionism’ into photography with the use of unusual color combinations. He approaches fashion photography with an edge, blending fine-art and photo journalistic aspects with glamour, sensuality and beauty. His images are very cinematic and always striving to go beyond established styles and widen the boundaries of photographic expression.

To name a few, Akif Hakan Celebi is published internationally in many magazines including Arena, Vision (China), Eve, Trendsetter, L’Espresso (Italy), EXO2 (Venezuela), Actitudes (Spain), C International Photo (UK), Max (Germany), Max (Ukraine) among others. In 2006, he has been awarded by Max magazine one of the best new generation photographers of the future, he was also a finalist in 2006 International Color Awards.
Hakan has photographed for famed designers including Ferragamo, Vivienne Westwood, and Robert Cavalli.

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