Our beautiful photographer Ira is featured in this UK-based cool magazine called Nakedbutsafe, it will be out and available worldwide sometime in November. Here’s a sneak peek for Ira’s article:

Ira Chernova;
photography, tattoos, roads, nice people, random conversations, fashion, handsome men, pubs, motorcycles, Ireland.
Actually (how weird is starting autobiography with the word actually..?)
I always struggle with writing about me. So this time, why not be true about it. I was born in Moscow, USSR, twenty three years ago. I never had an artistic hobby as a child as other children did, or even a hobby at all. Taking this with my feelings of restlessness and uselessness when not doing something, this leads my story to my parent’s old film camera. I gave it a shot to see..

(continues in the magazine)

We cannot wait for November!




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