Ira (b. Irina Chernova, Moscow, 1987) is currently living (& traveling) between London and her hometown, Moscow – and other cities in Europe continent, as she once said in our interview, “Everything is connected, my joy and my passion. It’s always a joy for me when taking pictures – which is work but not actually to be called work, if you know what I mean – as well as my passion for places and changes.”

This avid tattoo lover started to enjoying photography from back then when she was studying Engineering in Moscow, “I started during first years of university, cause I did not enjoyed any of what I’ve been doing over there, so I needed to find myself. I keep doing it, cause I do not see myself connected to anything else.” – well, yes, passion simply can’t lie.
We discovered her strong pictures a couple of weeks ago from CarneMag® magazine, it is quite amazing how a talent like this kept undiscovered by magazines & youth culture brands, while sometimes the typical ‘famous’ and ‘iconic’ yet ‘repetitive’ youth culture photographers keep popping and popping up again all over – and the tragic part about this, young/beginners photographers got no other roles to study so yeah, the ‘iconic’ yet ‘repetitive’ style repeats and repeats until it’s too much and internet/media/magazine becoming a boring place to be. We decided that is time for a change.

Ira is one exquisite talent who is here not to impress anyone. She is honest, she is real, she sees beauty not from the eyes of common people, she is fierce, and you can tell how bold her character is by just looking at her first 3 photos. “The main project I’m running right now is basically my life.” – she simply admits it. “No matter where I am, Moscow or London or soon will be in USA, I’m way more see myself as a European type of photographer. There is so much freedom as I see it.”

To name a few, Ira has been featured in several international magazines, such as CarneMag® (Argentina), 1AM Magazine (New Zealand), Photographer & Muse (Canada) and PH Magazine (Canada). She has also been working with the band The Dilinger Escape Plan.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Ira, email us.


_Location: New York, USA – London, UK (Available for long distance & project calling) • Ira’s updates   _HIRE_



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