Kanzo (b. Louis Kanzo, Jakarta, 1985), now living in Melbourne, Australia – is coming from the motherland Indonesia, Jakarta, “Big city full of rats and tall buildings.” he reminisces :) – He grew up surrounded with mural artwork and propaganda in Indonesia as a child and was influenced by street art movements, the excitement of dropping messages and tagging on the wall. Over a period of time he grew more interested in making characters and caricature, one of the common elements in graffiti art and slowly he lost the excitement of making letters on street walls… From there he started to put more focus on caricature that was mostly influenced by graphic novel such as; Manga, Marvel, Vertigo, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Peter Madsen’s Valhalla, and Asterix & Obelix.

“I’ve always been into drawing. Back in the day, we had this textured wall at home where me and brother used to draw with pencil and crayon. We fill it up with classic Ghostbusters drawings (stickman drawings), then our mum would be nagging at us and asking us to clean/ erase the drawings on wall. We cleaned it but we covered over and over again until it became a habit.”

Most of his works are inspired by psychedelic music that focuses in 1960’s psychedelic and 1970’s progressive rock music. “I see a very clear connection between music and visual arts and considers music an essential source of my ideas and feelings that I am trying to convey through my art. At this stage in my work, I am trying to bring the connection between music and art in artworks by examining the genres in music that have its own specific features in the process of making playful art with music as the theme.”

Kanzo had his bachelor in Multimedia Design in Malaysia, and now just finished his master in Fine Art, in Melbourne. He has been featured in several international magazines, such as Empty (Australia), Ginger Group (Romania), and many more.

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