Ketut (b. Ketut G. Ngurah Winda Kusuma, Malang, 1990) was born with a huge interest in visual artistry, which makes a 22-year old Ketut has already studying how to draw and creating images by himself since early age. An endless endeavor of practice that still continue until now.
Being a self taught artist gave him the ability to perceive things in accordance with his own views.

In his childhood, he was mostly influenced by various japanese movies, animation and other foreign literatures which formed as fundamental aspect of his works. His interest to classical references along with modern contemporary culture in adolescence mixed with earlier influence in childhood resulted a mixture of beautifully attractive images with excellent visual content and extraordinary quality of details and precision.
By the age of 19, he start publishing his works internationally through certain group exhibition.

To name a few, Ketut has worked with Diametric Flow (USA), Jigoku Nohara (France), Merry Go Round denim (Australia), Track Bicycle store, Pura Rahardja Hospital, Airline Staff and Training Education (ASTE) Indonesia, Dynchav, Patria radio, Rovers project, Kimilatta jewelry and Airlangga University.
Ketut has also attending exhibitions, such as; Drawgasmic (Art Dimension Gallery, Missouri USA), Mail Me Art (Red Gate Gallery, London) — and also has been featured in Empty Kingdom (UK), Catapult Art Magazine (USA), Bcreative (Albania), Coroa and Anormal magazine (SPN).


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