We are thrilled to know that two of our sweetest Illustrators, Ykha & Cecil, are going to exhibit their work for Kopi Keliling project; Kopi Keliling Vol. 4 – this Sunday, 18 September 2011. Swell, swell news!
Kopi Keliling is an interesting project that blends art, music and coffee, as if they are not perfectly compatible enough.

A celebration of art, music and Indonesian heritage: Coffee
In addition of the art exhibition, you are also going to be charmed by the sweet sounds of music played by our selected performers while you’re having a fresh cup of coffee.
Papers, crayons, pencils, markers are one of the essentials in Kopi Keliling. We’d like to encourage you to dig down into your inner childhood and come draw with us.

So do mark your iPad/iPhone/Blackberry/whatever calendar on 18 September, join us for good art, good music & good coffee in TRYST Gallery Jakarta!

Watch Cecil talks about her illustrations and previous contribution for Kopi Keliling project




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