Lala (b. Marla Marchiana Vandalia Bohang, Makassar, 1985) went studying Architecture in Parahyangan University but then decided to revisiting her long lost love for drawing and continue doing it for good until now.

Raised in small town where she didn’t have a lot of options of entertainment, drawing becoming her major escapism every time boredom strikes. “I’m highly grateful for the used papers and rotring pens, I guess.” she reminisces, “I continued to draw throughout primary and junior high school time. I started to do some other things apart from drawing during senior high school such as journalism, organization and theatre. Right after university years I embarked my self in the professional world which unfortunately occupied me with things that I was not passionate about. I’m glad that those times are over now. I suppose drawing has been my savior.”

And then she adds, “I always bring a small sketch book wherever I go. Images come into my head, sometimes those images come very clear and vivid, very much so that I can draw to the minutest of details. Other times, they would come abruptly, stay ephemerally, and suddenly disappear. This excites me not any less. Basically what triggers me to sketch is about anything that manage to press my how-interesting-is-that button in my head whenever it may be, wherever I may be.”

Seeing how the illustrator community in Jakarta started to grow rapidly between the year 2007 and 2008, Lala thinks that the world of visual art in Indonesia can be an indicator for the future trend of art. “I believe visual art is an effective way to convey a message, to get people together, to revolute ideas and ideologies.”

To name a few, Lala has been working with GAP Indonesia, Moozee Bags, A+ Magazine, Mother & Baby Magazine, Be3, Imela Kei, Tik Shirt, Yayasan Dian Sastro — she also has been featured in Cosmogirl, Sister Magazine, Provoke! Magazine, Area, Juice, Versus and RAW.

Lala also has been attending several exhibitions, such as, Love Artually (Jakarta), Space Killer (Jakarta), Scream Art Loud (Jakarta), and Kopi Keliling Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Jakarta).

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