Les Jeanclode is a French-based Illustrator trio of Mathieu (b. Mathieu Julien, Bordeaux, 1982), Nic (b. Nicolas Barrome, St. Jean de Luz, 1980) and Seb (b. Sebastian Touache, Bourg en Bresse, 1982) who met while they were studying graphic arts & design in ESAA, Troyes, back then.

“Les Jeanclode is our common name, it’s none of us and all of us. We use it when we draw all together on the same picture. It’s the name we mostly use for our comercial comissions, for advertising or edition. We started it when we met in school in Troyes city 6 or 7 years ago, it was a kind of joke back then, a friendly club.” says Mathieu in our interview. “Almost everything inspire us, I guess, everyday life, photos, Indian meals, girlfriends, music… It may sound bit cheesy but true.” – and then he adds,
“We are drawing in between friends so we work in a good atmosphere. And most of all, we like it! We like painting for our personal works but we also enjoy commisioned works as it make us do different things. It’s a good balance.”

To name a few, Les Jeanclode has worked with France 5, Radio Nova, Imagin’r, E. Leclerc, SNCF, Orange, Carrefour, Total, Gulli, LG, Butagaz, Securité Routière, Singup, Quvar, Quai d’ivry, and many others.

Les Jeanclode has also attend several exhibitions, such as; Pictoplasma (Berlin, 2012), Pictoplasma (Paris, 2011), Choc Culturel (Sao Paulo, 2011), The Family Show (Bristol, 2011), Issue (Paris, 2010), Extrabold (Luxembourg, 2009), Artoyz (Paris, 2008) and Wintershow (Paris, 2007).

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Les Jeanclode, email us.


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