Luca (b. Luca Meike Knegtering, Utrecht, 1987) went to Bilthoven College, Korean National University of Arts in Seoul and now currently still attending Willem de Kooning Academy Art Academy in Rotterdam, although she is now residing in Jakarta for an internship program.

Having an artist/art teacher as a mother, Luca spent her childhood surrounded with creativity and the spirit to create itself, before then she grew up becoming someone who is always hungry for adrenaline and adventure. “As a kid I always loved to watch old photobooks. As long as I can remember I love to collect things and especially images. With all the images I collected during my life I could start a huge archive. And now it’s time to create images myself. ‘Cause I love how a picture can show a short story, a memory or a history.” And then she added, “Seeing a photo can bring back old memories and can have such an impact with just one single shot. I love how as a photographer you can be the storyteller and director. You decide how you want to show the moment or the story.”

And then, she said one line all of us would always can relate. “I need art to understand this crazy world and to escape from my unstoppable thoughts.”

As someone who has been living in several countries, Netherlands, Korea and Indonesia, Luca views her experience as a journey in order to find a place to rest for her endless thought, but ended up being dragged down to a deeper adventure and made her ended up inspiringly lost. “Living in a different country is complicated but at the same time it gives you the best inspiration you could get. I like to work on location and to use coincidental moments. In every culture, everything is new, you know things from scratch. Shooting in different places can give you the best surprises.”

Currently Luca is interning for Nylon Indonesia magazine, she has been working with Free Urban (Seoul). She also has been attending several photo exhibitions in Korean National University of Arts.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Luca, email us.


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