Lucio (b. Lucio Gelsi, Milan, 1962) couldn’t remember when was the first time photography happens to him, but he keeps doing it until now, years after years, because he loves the beauty-ness and the still-ness. And also because the beautiful women. And also because he always attracted by the expression of love and passion. Well he makes photography sounds charming, doesn’t he? Well it is. A friends once told me, it’s the longing feeling of creating something beautiful that makes some photographers just don’t stop.
And hearing what Lucio says, reminds me a lot to that.

Lucio, a heavy commercial – beauty – still – fashion mindmaster, is now living between Milan and New York. Reminiscing his childhood, “My grampa was an amateur photographer, I love his old boxes of negatives. I remember that my father gave me an old Contax 35mm camera when I was 12, I don’t remember my first picture, maybe some friends…”

And then he continued, “But now, my lenses captured everything from people to objects,
from boats to buildings, from cars to landscapes, from animals to helicopters. I would love take a picture of all the visionaires/dreamers/loosers/warriors/artists/writers who have been populating my mind, and that are creators and also parts of what I am.”

That is a beautiful thought if I may say.

To name a few, Lucio has worked with Kenneth Cole, Tods, Siviglia Denim, KCNY Worldwide, Lormar, Peuterey Worldwide, Case Da Abitare, Aguille Noire, Leggo, Jadea Intimo, Blue Marine, Chico’s, ca’Vagan, Shiver 750, D-Repubblica, Gentleman Magazine, and many more.

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_Location: New York, USA & Milan, Italy (Available for long distance & project calling) • Lucio’s updates   _HIRE_



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