Martin (b. Martin Hong Cho Ann, Singapore, 1990) lives in Singapore. He just finished his duty by serving to Singapore National Army and now looking forward for adventures to broaden his artistic skill.

Martin started to draw since the age 3. “Different things inspire me. Sometimes it’s a crude joke that my friends and I came up with, sometimes it’s random visions I get when on the bus or train, and sometimes it’s illustrating fictional stories I weave involving people in reality. “

Martin uses art as a way of documenting his different phases, experiences and memories in life. He adores spontaneity and most of time his art is driven by fleeting impulsive emotions. “I love to pig out during late nights and involve my friends within this twisted art projects. We have too many of them and I never feel we have enough,” Besides illustrations, he dabbles mostly in film-making.
“For me I believe they’re all strongly related. Regardless of medium, my art is always very visual-centered. For film, even though the final piece has no trace of pencil lines whatsoever, the preparation for the films are always done using conceptual drawings, paintings or illustrations. From set design to costumes and even cinematography, there are always origins in the most basic form of visualisation: drawings. Illustrating and photography have taught me the importance of observation and composition, so even though they’re not directly related to film, there’s always this underlying current of aesthetics linking all these mediums up.”

Living in Singapore puts Martin in a condition to always experiment for being surrounded by young & creative people. “I do know some very talented artists who are my very close friends, and they inspire me consistently. Knowing friends who deal with fashion and craft help to inspire imagery for my drawings. Even things like color, form and lines in their work help me to expand my own visual vocabulary. Being surrounded by other people who believe so strongly in art really encourages me to push my boundaries, not just in illustrations but in film as well.”

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