Matt (b. Matthew Francis Caplin, Perth, 1990), now residing in Sydney, Australia – was once a shy boy who keeps taking pictures of his sisters. “I have three younger sisters and one younger brother. With my sisters playing in the front yard, sun on their skin and soft through their hair, and me in my room, too shy to meet and work with real models… it was a bit of a calling, I guess. Natural progression. I became a photographer of my siblings because it was the most non-threatening path to take. Call me a voyeur, call me a coward. I’m just a shy boy and “artists” don’t have to talk.”

Matt adores spontaneity in exploring his photographs. “I rarely think of concepts before shooting – it seems like such a contrived thing to do. Everything disappears so quickly. Time is nothing unless it has some sort of definition to it, some sort of event to anchor it down as memory in our mind. My photographs always stem back to taking photos of my sisters in the front yard – my sister didn’t plan, they just were. If they fought, it happened. Of they laughed, it happened. Everything they did was so natural and so spontaneous and I think that there, in spontaneity, is where life is most beautiful.” then he adds, “I’m not sure if I wanted to have preconceived concepts before the shoot. I’d like to think that my disorganization is a type of concept, in that if I am disorganized and without a concept, then everything I shoot will be natural reaction of both model and myself to each other. It seems more innocent that way. “

Matt has worked with Cocoon — and also has done editorials in X&Y Magazine.

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