Nanda (b. Sofiariantika Primananda, Padang, 1983) now lives in Seattle, Washington and forming a band with her husband – besides drawing, of course. “Stories are my biggest inspiration. I grew up mostly in big cities, consuming stories in so many different ways and forms. I love listening to and reading stories and interpreting them in my own way. It is fascinating to translate them into shapes, colors and lines to represent the stories in a personal way. I realize that my style of illustration are influenced strongly by children stories. Other than my loves for honest and simple lines of children book illustrations. I know that my creative brain doesn’t work well on drawing a look-almost-real rail train but it goes for something with unproportional body, distinctive facial, and gibberish words.”

For Nanda, drawing is one of the ways to calm her. “I found my passion in art through stories, shapes and colors. When those things began to haunt me, I knew I needed to draw it for record purposes. I love the process of creation, doodling how it’s gonna look, thinking of materials i need, and even staying up all night to make it work. It is thrilling and meditating at the same time.” – And Nanda is planning to take this talent of her a serious skill development, she’s planning to go back to school again this fall.

Living in two different sides of the world enriched Nanda’s character in drawing things, the girl admits herself, “I think both Jakarta and Seattle have vibrant art scene that are easily found in corners of street all over town. Like Jakarta, Seattle is a big melting pot where you can find people from different type of background, bringing different stories of their own. It’s funny that this situation never overwhelmed me, instead, the diversity that Seattle owns, gives more courageous to speak up and introduce my uniqueness. In my case, since I moved away from Indonesia, I found more and more relations of me and Indonesia, not only as a home but as an identity that has made me the way I am. So i feel that in a way there’s always “a touch” in my artworks that represent where I came from. “

To name a few, Nanda has worked with Marsio Photography, Poland (Band), Laguna (Band), Rodstol Lane Farm, Azizah Magazine, Mr. & Mrs Muffins (Band).

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