Recently Nani has been interviewed and featured in Elle Girl Kore (May 2012, page 88).

It’s in Korean of course, but Nani is kind enough to share the interview when it was still done in English:

Please pick your favorite 5 magazines?
Frankie magazine (fashion), Art Guide Australia (art), Artist Profile (art), Elephant (art), Monocle (lifestyle & culture)

Specially what kind of elements do you like of those magazines each by each?
I only buy magazine that have something I am interested in. For example: Monocle magazine is beautifully designed from layout, images, illustrations and typography. Their articles also very informative. Frankie magazine filled with an amazing collection of craft and art articles, interview with creative genius and all the beautiful images. Most of female will falling in love with this magazine. Also as an artist, I always bought art magazines as many as I can to keep updated with what’s happening in the art world.

What is the last magazine that you bought these days?
Frankie, Monocle and Art Guide Australia.

What kind of culture do you interested in?
Art, Craft and Design

Do you like musician/actor or actress/author?
My favourite author is Micth Albom. His most inspirational book “Tuesday with Morrie” have sold over 30 million copies worldwide. Also, my favourite actors is Johnny Deep and Tom Hanks.

What kind of fashion items do you usually wear?
Vintage girls dresses, floral and lace dresses, cheque blouse, skinny black pants, black boots and Aztec backpack.

What is your latest bookmark list?

Thank you for sharing the good thoughts Nani! :)