Nani (b. Nani Puspasari, Kotabaru, 1986) received not only one, but two Masters; one is Master of Design from Swinburne and another one is Master of Fine Arts from RMIT. Her fondness to art and illustration was started since the first time she could remember it, her earliest inspiration comes from the comics she read back then. “At that time, Sailormoon is my favourite character to draw: superior Japanese girl with big dreamy twinkle eyes. I always got excited every time I saw colourful pencil and crayon on drawing class. I kept doodling in everywhere; on the note book, school table, sometimes on the wall. After high school, I decided to study graphic design at college. I started join art group exhibition when I was seventeen. Later I got into more drawing and stopped designing and started painting instead.”

With her drawings, Nani tends to feel that she is and will still be a naive child in a grown up body — it’s something that she couldn’t stop doing. “It’s a natural thing. I keep doing it. Drawing, painting, making visual and dream on it. Let my mind take me to the space I would like to go, magical world and full of fantasy. I was lucky to got freelance jobs since I was in college. My clients said to me that my illustration was kind of unique and whimsical. It gave me a confidence boost and since then I believe I can make this career for living.”

and then she continued,
“A lot of my pantings have been inspired by my childhood stories. But I would love to expand the story from my personal experience with other resources, for example: fairytales, fables, history, biography or popular culture — to create a new imaginary world.”

To name a few, Nani has worked with Green Goose Design (India), Yahoo (Singapore), HolyCow Inc. (USA), Satu Atap Studio, Ange (New Zealand), Fibo clothing, Lily Yulianti Farid – writer (Japan), Peroxide, Transporter, Catarima magazine (Brazil), and many others.

For the past 6 years, she has been attending large numerous of exhibition, including a solo exhibition “Girl & Animal” (Melbourne 2011), Nursery Rhymes (Adelaide 2011), The Space that Measures Distance (Melbourne 2010), The Lazy Dog Jumps Over The Quick Brown Fox (Jakarta 2010), Mail Me Art 2 (London 2010), Drawgasmic (St. Louis USA 2010), [4inch] (London 2009), A Postcard Is Worth 1000 Words (NYC 2009), Abandoned III (Surabaya 2009), A Walk of Art (Melbourne 2008), BRAngerous Woman Art Exhibition (Surabaya 2008), 07.Joint (Busan South Korea 2007) — the list is still long. She has also been featured in several publications, such as The Morran Book Project, Great Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Nylon, Yen magazine, Elle Girl Korea, Australia In Front, Visual Grip magazine, Sarbi Journal, Australian Edge, Vizio magazine, Concept, and many others.

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