Nathalie (b. Nathalie Raefern Théry, Singapore, 1990) – graduated at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) with BA in Photography – admits how her obsession for photography could be difficult to hold, “The ability to ideate and then translate something conjured up in my mind and then seeing it take shape in front of me while shooting is simply exciting. It’s like having the ability to make my dreams come to life. There is no constant, or similarities from one picture to the next. And that’s what makes my blood flow. The inability to predict what’s next is better than any 9 – 5 desk job.”

Then she continues, “I’m just an eccentric, giving my own take on fashion and conceptual imagery and sharing it with the world. I want people to have a chance to look into my head and see where I am coming from. And the best way for me is through images.”
And all of us could agree to that.

As a new London-er, half French half Singapore Nathalie feels that the places she went provide her broad experience, and yet still, terribly inspiring. “I started in Singapore but then went to Melbourne and people there are all so open and helpful. Everyone wants to create something beautiful. Collaborations and contributions are wides-spread. Movies, Literature, History, Art, Design etc. all come into play when I am conceptualising. Inspiration is all around. I don’t have one source of inspiration. Immersing myself in everything is what I think I do to draw ideas from. Designers, Artists, etc. work together to create something and that is what is kind of missing in Singapore. Commercial vs. Art. But it’s a fine line. Every country has it’s own approach. I’m now in London and I have yet to experience this side of the world. I’ll let you know when I do.”

To name a few, Nathalie has worked with Karamel Magazine (Australia), Blackmarket – BWG Range (Singapore), Urban Project (Australia), Actually Magazine (Singapore), M.O.D.A Magazine (Singapore), DJ Duo Twoface (Singapore), Chris Ran Lin (Australia), Elyse Barker (Australia), Mash-Up Label (Singapore), Linda Hao (Singapore), Yesah Label (Singapore), Men’s Folio (Singapore), Christina Exie (Australia), Futurefashionnow X Jonathan Liang (Singapore), Futurefashionnow (Singapore)

And she also has been attending several exhibitions, such as, Lomography La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition 2012 (Singapore), Blackmarket EMERGENCE party photo showcase 2012 (Singapore), Melbourne Fractal Project Photo Exhibition 2011 (Melbourne), Culturepush Artist Feature 2010, and National Gallery Victoria – Proportion Distortion 2012.

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