Dew Magazine asked Noran to do a series again, and this time, “The Dead Can Hold The Grudge Better Than Most Scorpios” – actually got nothing to do with the scorpios – had becoming the baby brainwaves out of her concept. Published in 5th Cinematic Issue of Dew Magazine, with this series, Noran tried to explore the unknown depth of sense in loving and losing, as quoted;

I’d like to go beyond the normal perception of relationship, not straight, not gay, just two humans being seduced by their idea of love, lost and being lost inside their love.
I personally grew as human who believes gender is only a technical illusion. Every soul can love any soul, every soul was born with the same privilege.
And I’d like share that love is erogenous, is ticklish, is mysterious, it’s something beyond serotonin & sense, that we all been wanting to describe.
.. but still failed.

This project is also a collaboration; between Indonesian androgyny models, Darell Ferhostan and Wisnu Genu — with Verve’s Painter as the Make-up Artist Tarita Aurora and styled by Chrystaline Lukman.

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Behind the scene: