A couple of weeks ago Noran went to the highlands of Bali to shoot for Music issue of Dew Magazine, and it’s out now. The series is called “Psalm of The Woods”, – and as quoted from Noran’s explanation about this project, it’s a narration of;

A girl, or an apparition in the body of a girl, living inside a forest, living a life of a lonely wolf; her breath is the wind that blows in between the trees, and her flesh is the rocks and soil of the forest’s terra. She is the soul, who brims life, and the rhymes of this jungle.

This series is also an art collaboration; between Balinese painter/artist, Salvita DeCorte from Salim Gallery, as the model — with MUA team from Yeanne Make-Up Art Bali and styled by Luca Knegtering. One of the most amazing production we ever did, glad to know that God blessed us with the best people to work with.


Find the magazine here.

Behind the scene: