Noran was interviewed for Nylon’s Holiday Issue (June ’12) a couple of weeks back, about traveling and photography and how those two things revolve in her life.

The magazine is out now, grab them in nearest bookstores.

Allow me to quote two of my favorite answers of hers.


What makes you interested in photography?

It’s simplicity. There’s no need to find the right words to tell a story, with just one picture, you can instantly make thousands of people understand.


How do you see traveling, what does it mean for you?

For me, the road is home. I find comfort in journeys. There’s this big unknown every time we come to new places, and that big unknown thing is what makes life interesting. You want to learn, to understand about it, there’s this humble feeling every time you meet new cultures, new principles, new ways of thinking, the people there and also strangers; it makes me feel like I’m small, like I’m just this one dot of soul in myriads of dots upon earth, it’s telling me to forget my ego and live for everybody, not just me.