Noran (b. Andrini Noran Bakrie, Jakarta, 1982) started her creative career as a Graphic Designer, in the age 26, she took an offer for a Creative Director in digital advertising agency in Thailand, and a couple years later she decided to retired from the office life and live mobile, so she could have more time focusing in her real deal passion: Photography and traveling. “There are two types of people,” she said. “People who exist, and people who live. I wanna live, through photography – and I wanna live by enjoying the world I’m living in right now, that is why I am fond in traveling.”

Noran uses photography to record the life she sees. “Like every other being, I got fragments in my mind that I couldn’t describe in words. I wanted to let it out, out from head, so that my thoughts could be less heavy. Like every other being, I witness things that I couldn’t explain. Photography is my way out. It’s simple, silent, it’s my visual recorder, and could be anyone’s eye-opener, and mind-opener. And we need more and more open minds these days, aren’t we?”

By managing so many roles ongoing right now (photographer, photographer’s manager, creative director, designer), we asked her about what she really expects from these fields, and she answered,“I’m not much of a persistent person, I just like to do what I like for now, because for me when you are honest to who you really are and what you really want to do in life, you will  naturally do it and achieve beyond than anyone else ever could.” 

To name a few, Noran has worked with Indonesian Ministry of Culture Tourism, National Geographic, iRefrigerator (USA), Ocean Blue Hotel Bali, British Council Indonesia, Abbott Gain Advance, Luxur-Galactica (Band), DID (Band), Nikicio, Nifty, PDB Jewelry, Malika, Shamanistic, Pasar Vintage.
— and also has been featured in several international art, photography & design magazines, such as Surface Asia (Singapore), Inkult (Mexico), CarneMag® (Argentina), Trust Me (Italy), Picame (Italy), Fan The Fire (UK), Print (New Zealand), Empty (Australia), plus many more.

Her work has been published in “A Book of Beds” that launched May 2011 in Foam Museum, Amsterdam Art Book Fair, Netherlands. She has also attending several exhibitions in Berlin, London, Hong Kong and the latest one is in Goodman Arts Centre Singapore.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Noran, email us.


_Location: Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia (Available for long distance & project calling) • Noran’s updates   _HIRE_



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