If a story is not told, that story does not exist. We have the responsibility to tell those stories.

That would be the core reason why Omar chose journalism as his (career) path in life.
Armed with his camera and sense that he is fighting for what he believes, Omar’s quest to tell of the untold has taken him all over the globe, from Japan to Uganda, from Asia to the Middle-East. He has covered uprising in Spain, the Priar Vihear conflict and Red Shirts Revolution in Thailand, the plight of Amazigh Tribe of Libya’s Nafusa mountains and the second revolution in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

Recently he was interviewed by the Don’t Do Nothing blog, about his responsibility and experience as an established international photo journalist who had work with numerous massive news media, including Foreign Policy magazine, Aljazeera and ABC news. Reading it was an eye opener. Jump here for full interview.