Recently our Film/Polaroid mindmaster Reuben just got interviewed by Brooklyn-based Impose Magazine!

My favorite take from this interview is:

if someone said to you that digital photography is not as valuable (artistically or otherwise) as analog, what would you say?

I would say rubbish. It’s not about the equipment you use, it’s about the photograph. A lot of people think film imbues the photograph with more value. It doesn’t, it’s just how you choose to take a photo. I do think that film photography has become a discipline or a ritual for me though, which includes manual operation of old equipment. I like the contrast between the crudeness of some of the kit I use and the resulting photograph. For me, personally, it gives more meaning to the photograph because I remember how complicated it was to take the photograph, but in the end I use digital techniques to process the negatives anyway. The answer is, whatever it takes to get the results you want.

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