Reuben‘s photo trip to the Arctic, specifically Svalbard, which is located in midway between Norway and the North Pole was featured in The Island Review – along with a really great interview about the trip.

I must warn you though, if you’re working right now and got your boss watching your back for a deadline, this good read could be really distracting. But oh heck-

“Humans don’t belong there and they can’t survive without huge effort. I found that I had stopped thinking about life at home and had become completely absorbed by the environment – a bizarre sensory deprivation where I became unable to judge the existence of anything apart from the shape of my travelling companion in front of me. My whole experience there seemed hallucinatory, yet it felt more real than any other place I’ve travelled to.”

“Hitler once told Albert Speer to design his buildings in a way that they would make ‘good ruins’. It’s totally bizarre and terrifying to consider any building in use now as a future ruin.”

Blow your mind even more. Jump here for full article.