Reuben (b. Reuben Wu, Liverpool, 1975) received his first camera for Christmas when his dad secretly exchanged a toy gun from someone else for an Agfamatic 110. With a brief purely-digital-period in his twenties, he has been shooting with film and old manual cameras since.
He even inherited a Leica M from his grandfather, a Hong Kong based cinematographer. “It was unlike anything I had seen before, and I still shoot with it to this day.”

“I studied Product Design in Sheffield, UK and went on to practise as a designer for about 4 years. After a short time, my band (Ladytron) became successful enough for all of us to go full time with music, and I left Design to embark on our first ever North American tour. A real baptism of fire. I still love design and on my travels I occasionally come across things I created years ago.”

In the past, a lot of Reuben’s photography projects have been documentation of places he has visited while on DJ gigs and his band world tours but these didn’t quite allow time to delve into explorations. “Method only worked in places where there was a healthy audience for cinematic electro pop, and a tiny frozen island in the Arctic Ocean probably wasn’t ever going to be on the tour path,” he says.

The extreme environments have been appealing to Reuben increasingly. He plans to continue documenting and publishing books on them rather than places he visits as a touring musician – “It definitely feels more meaningful to me as a photographer and as a human being to find and observe these marginalized zones.”

To name a few, Reuben has worked with Mich Dulce, James Zabiela, Seaming and Tim Andrews. And he also has been featured in Pin-up Magazine, Island Review, Too Much Magazine, V&M Photography, ISO50, Saccades Project, Impose Magazine, Escape Into Life, Clash Magazine, Art Sponge, and many more.
He also had nailed an honorable mention in Photography Book Now Competition – and his book “Svalbard”, that features about 60 photographs from the week he spent on an island not far from the North Pole, is published in March 2011.

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