Riza (b. Riza Masyifa Tanzil, London, 1985) was born in a mixture family of English, Iranian and Indonesian. She believes that being raised in a strong culture of her roots, gives her various way on looking at the world. “It’s like, I have 3 pair of eyes, while other kids only have a pair. I see how my dad respects his parents in Melayu way — like, he kisses his parents feet in every Lebaran holiday, I see pictures of my mom, a punk in London, tattooed all over and always wasted, before she met my dad, I love hearing her crazy stories, I still wear her vintage leather jacket… I see my Iranian grandma always pray and holding tasbih everywhere, chanting lines from Qur’an like 24/7… Everything is exotic to my eyes. My family inspires me the most.”

Riza moved to Jakarta after finishing her Art School, and found out that she loves South East Asia more than any place in the world. “I grew up with so many child book stories — my uncle was a storyteller — everywhere, everything is beautiful. Mermaids have long hair and charming, dwarfs are adorable, forests are lush and buildings looks so pretty and live-able. So that is what I draw the most. Sometimes when I have this strong dream in my sleep, I could just wake up in the middle of the night, and drew my dream away…” She smiled while reminiscing. “And then I moved to Jakarta.” She laughed. “Everything here is not what I see all these time, but strangely, I find inspirations from this town. My drawings are refined in so many ways here, I always find another that-couldn’t-be-real stuff, every day. Now I look at them, at those impossible things, and I feel more… real.”

Somehow we know exactly what she means by that.

Riza is currently living in Kuala Lumpur for her personal project.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Riza, email us.


_Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Available for long distance & project calling) • Riza’s updates   _HIRE_



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