Rodrigo (b. Rodrigo Gonzalo Encinar, Burgos, 1978) received his undergrad from the Fine Arts Department at the Universidad de Salamanca in Spain. Later he studied Visual Communication Design in Nuremberg, Germany, where he got my M.A. And after, he did his M.F.A in Imaging Arts at the photo department in Rochester, New York. And today he is a Visual Artist living in Jakarta, who uses photography and installation as means of expression, with an interest in those factors that affect how societies work.

Rodrigo started taking pictures since he was 14, “Photography is the way in which I can convey my concerns, express freely what I think. It is a means that allow me visualize ideas.” – Living in years of studying Art and Visual, Rodrigo came to knowledge that today we all live inside a visual culture. “From Spain I learnt that documentary photography following a humanistic tradition influenced the early spanish production. Now, due to globalization, mobility and accessibility to cameras and visual devices the photographic production differ more in the themes and subjects represented and less in aesthetic or style issues. We live in a visual culture, where appearances simulate and substitute the real.”
— and then he adds,

“Photographs and images surround us. They are everywhere. Producing images professionally makes me think about the meaning of images in our visual culture. Therefore I try to critically reflect the medium in what I do. What is photography?, What implications have images in our daily lives? How do we perceive the real through images? These are some of the questions that thrive my production.”

To name a few, Rodrigo has worked with ArtDeco, Layabouts, and Libonatti. He has been awarded for several scholarship & sponsorship in his study, and also has been recognized in international awards, such as, Notodofotofest Festival of Collective Photography (Spain 2005, Shortlisted), INJUVE Photography Award (Spain 2005), Descubrimientos potfolio review (Madrid 2006, Shortlisted), Young Artists Award from the state of Castilla y Leon (Spain 2006) , Caja de Burgos XXVI Photography Award (Burgos 2007), Culturas (Spain 2008, Shortlisted) and Descubrimientos portfolio review (Madrid 2009, Shortlisted).

He also has attending several group exhibitions, such as; Explorafoto (Salamanca Spain, 2003), Notodofotofest Festival of Collective Photography (Spain, 2005), Thesis show (Nuremberg Germany, 2005), INJUVE, Amadís (Madrid Spain, 2005), Festival Outono Fotográfico (Ourense Spain, 2006), Young Artists Award (Burgos Spain, 2006), Casa del Cordó (Burgos Spain, 2007), Arrebato (Madrid Spain, 2007), Estampa (Madrid Spain, 2008), ARCO (Madrid Spain, 2009), Descubrimientos 200 (Madrid Spain, 2009), CONVERGE (New York USA, 2010). He also has held few solo exhibitions in Madrid and New York.

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