Shen (b. Shengying Li, Hong Kong, 1985) was born in Christmas 27 years ago, spent her childhood in Hong Kong and moved to Canada when she was 12, and graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2008.

“As a child I’ve always drawn to anime and cartoon, my mom got me into art classes and I’ve been drawing ever since. Drawing used to be an escapism, a getaway door for me from school. And now I get to make a living out of it.”

As a Canada resident now, Shen explains how she get her daily muses from her surroundings. “The art scene here is amazing. It’s growing and keep growing. Painterly, pop colors, weird animal drawings, to name a few. I’m inspired by that. I’m also inspired by all those Japanese animes I’ve watched when I was a kid, I think that reflects in my work as well. I love colorful things, I love fine lines, and i love to illustate everyday objects in those forms. I guess it makes me happy!”

To name a few, Shen has been working with Graniph, Supersuperficial, Yeo Choong, Emma Lee, Stella Magazine, Bitch Magazine, Meat Paper Magazine, Shameless Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Walrus Magazine, Covet Garden Magazine and many others.

She also has been attending several exhibitions, such as; Romance of The Wheel (Jet Fuel, Toronto, 1011), Go Japan (Propaganda, Toronto, 2011), 2010 Vision (Gallery Hanahou, New York, 2010), From Me To You (Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, 2009),  Art That Rocks (Perk Street Lounge, New York, 2009), Little Known Artifacts (OCAD Student Gallery, Toronto, 2009), 333 (Wanderlust Gallery, London 2009) and Gifted (Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, 2008).

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