Sun (b. Sun Wahyuhadi Kusumah, Jakarta, 1985) is a bachelor of visual communication design whose true passion in drawing is about finding things that are simple and nostalgic, yet still blushing quietly to their own memories.

“I want to overcome the stage of isolation in familiar places and recapture it with my own remembrance and invite you to break into my honest thoughts that are visibly moved by childlike and innocent feeling that was prevailing when we were still so much younger and naive.” and he adds,

“It’s more easier for me to draw than to write, other than that maybe, to share my feeling, hope and thought.”

To add more perspective on his works, Sun also studies on creating with other mediums. “I love doing sculpture. I used to learn pottery as well and interested with wood carving too, I always interested to try something new and challenging. I bake as well, I’m not sure if it’s related for my art & visual exploration, but it sure helps me to be more patient.” :)

So far, Sun has attending local and international group exhibitions, such as, The Spirit of Olympic (Jakarta), 7% Jumpa Pertama (Jakarta), Sidharta New Emerging Artist Acution (Jakarta), Eat with Family Exhibition (Singapore), Asian Students & Young Artist Art Festival (Korea), 7% Home Sweet Home (Jakarta) and Oh For Dog’s Sake (Bali). Sun also has draw for a commercial project with Telkomsel.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Sun, email us.


_Location: Jakarta, Indonesia (Available for long distance & project calling) • Sun’s updates   _HIRE_



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