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Category "Tarita’s updates"
[Documentation] Nylon & Nylon Guys Fashion & Art Festival 2011; Tarita's work exhibition

[Documentation] Nylon & Nylon Guys Fashion & Art Festival 2011; Tarita’s work exhibition

So a couple days ago Tarita just got her work exhibited in Nylon & Nylon Guys Fashion & Art Festival 2011 (Phew, that’s a long name), along with other 8 local artists. Let me quote you a bite of what Nylon has wrote about her, it’s quite interesting. It’s gonna be in Bahasa Indonesia though;...
Tarita's Shamanistic page is up!

Tarita’s Shamanistic page is up!

If you don’t know about it yet, Tarita does not only drawing mindblowing illustrations, she also designs beautifully fierce jewelries, and she creates it custom for each soul. Her page, Shamanistic: Adornments + Amulets from the Sky, Earth & Sea has just recently launched and yes we highly encourage you to check it out if...
Tarita in Nylon

Tarita in Nylon

Our sweet half-punk-half-hippie whole-inspiration Tarita was interviewed by this month’s Nylon. Tarita explores art from so many dimensions, through so many forms, to name a few: paintings, illustrations, tattoo, photography, jewelry design & make up effect. She’s a living, breathing, talking & dancing creative soul who never running out of ideas to turn to real....