Taja (b. Taja Sukarya, Singapore, 1983) has been drawing since he realized that elementary school was too boring and decided to make his desk as a canvas, then later discovered that sketchbooks were more portable.

Growing up in a mixed marriage family, Taja has always been surrounded by Balinese and European influences. “The folks took me to Bali a lot as a kid, exposing me to all those bright offerings and visuals. The European side probably influenced my love for grids, structure, and a clean layout. … Oh, and having a graphic designer and a photographer as parents probably had some small part in all this…”

And just like his mother, Taja started his career as Graphic Designer in advertising agency, Leo Burnett. “I gotta say that working in the commercial business affects the speed of my work from concept to execution. Structure and work-system, is something I picked up from the big bad corporate man, and I’m still not finished thanking him.
These days, I’m sort of seeing some big commercial clients starting to use more artsy approaches to their marketing lately, which is refreshing.”

As a kid doing art and living in the 2K era, Taja feels liberated. “I think we’re very lucky to live in a time where art is no longer limited to canvas and paints, I’m particularly interested in high tech stuff like art installations applied through augmented reality technology, or electric flowers, that kind of “walk into the art and play” sort of pieces is what I love.” and then he adds,
“Because personally, I agree that art should be contemplative, but it should also be fun and sparks dialogue and thought, and even better: laughter.”

To name a few, Taja has worked with McDonald’s, Telkomsel, Gudang Garam, Metro Department Store, Toblerone, BNI17 Winehouse, Pakis Group & Akmara and Leo Design.

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