Tania (b. Tania Ranidhianti, Jakarta, 1982) admits she doesn’t really understand why she took Advertising major in college, although somehow, that helped her to refine her skill by understanding and positioning herself in the client’s chair when doing illustration projects.

Tania designs for magazine, she is also a talented pianist and bassist in a band. Her signature drawings are most likely fancied by her music peer, as she said, “I live in music… Music and visuals are a classic pair, those combined, is me…  Sometimes the music that I hear in my mind, leads me to draw. Sad music, happy music, ominous music, energetic music, I’m like, drawing them! That’s how I  get my visions to be applied to paper…”

Tania is quick in making comic-like storyboards. “I love to draw because I don’t really like to read, to be honest… That’s why I piled a ton of comic books in my room… I love to look at details and scratches of line… I love to look at other people’s works, just looking at them and thinking, ‘How the hell did he/she make that? What’s his story? What does he trying to say?’ — I like to observe people behaviour, to sit in the middle of a crowd and watch what other people do… It feels like a live cinema, I enjoy it, it makes me calm. It inspires me,” and then she adds, “But I’m not a stalker!” :)

Her clients would involve bands like Efek Rumah Kaca, Whistler Post, Clover and many others.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Tania, email us.


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