Our sweet half-punk-half-hippie whole-inspiration Tarita was interviewed by this month’s Nylon. Tarita explores art from so many dimensions, through so many forms, to name a few: paintings, illustrations, tattoo, photography, jewelry design & make up effect. She’s a living, breathing, talking & dancing creative soul who never running out of ideas to turn to real.
And please don’t let her no-boundaries-thinking made you judge that she is just an ego who wants to give a damn about her art, and her art only… because you’re gonna be so wrong.

“I was raised in Australia and just moved back here to Indonesia couple years ago. Everyone, with surprised gesture, asked why. Haha! I feel like I need to get in touch with my roots, here, my country has myriad diversities I’m always thrilled to explore. Endless inspiration. Just recently, I made jewelries inspired by Indonesian Sanskrit art, and also, Balinese and Javanese art. I just did a Keraton Yogyakarta tattoo to a client. … I’m intrigued to do something creatively different with Batik. And I feel like I wanna do more and more. That was just the warm up. We need to show these guys what Indonesian art are made of!”

Indeed we are agree. So many Indonesian youngsters yell “Aku cinta Indonesia” without doing anything. While this girl Tarita, she came back, and give all her love to reveal the greatness of Indonesian art.

Go grab the magazine (It runs out fast, I tell ya!), and check out the interview!




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