Tarita (b. Tarita Aurora Nathania Kowara, Bandung, 1986) been drawing since she was old enough to be able to hold a pen. “There’s photographic evidences of a 4 year old me, nge-jongkok, with a paintbrush in my hand and an A3 paper smeared with paint. Interestingly, I still paint using those same colours now. Haha. Some things never change.”

Tarita was raised in Sydney, Australia, before she came to Jakarta 2 years ago. This half hippy half metalhead/punk rocker admits that there was a bit of “culture shock” when she decided to go back living in Jakarta. “Australia definitely had a massive crazy impact on my creative process! First of all, there is no limit to creating art if you’re into it over there, unlike a lot of the local indonesian schools. If you’re into art, then all of the facilities are totally available for you. There is also no limitation on social ratings for art. Everything is exhibited there so you’re totally free to do what you want and express what you want, however controversial they may be. So I guess the consciousness there really added a corrosive fuel to my fire and I exploded. Sometimes the more controversial you are, the better.
Cut to present time, Indonesia is a completely different story, which has no conclusion yet since I’m still here, still exploring and understanding. What I’ve gathered so far, there is definitely a social rating when it comes to art here, at least in Jakarta.”
– but then she adds,

” I guess the conventionality here is teaching to pull on my reins a bit, and approach art on a more design level as well, to balance the emotion and the design together. I guess it adds a systematic element to my creations. On the other hand, it’s a great inspiration for me to push the limits, to see how much of the boundary I can push, and see what it might do to the local mindset here and all my questions regarding it such as; Will this offend people? If yes, go for it, if no, go for it as well. Is this socially acceptable? etc. Nevertheless, this energy makes me pre-think my designs and meticulously arrange elements of it so that it can still be understandable by people, but yet it’s so different to anything they’ve seen before. So yeah, culturally, I’m exploring into understanding the ancestry line of art here, such as batik, and all the different traditions and meanings behind it.

If Australia has taught me to be controversial, Indonesia has taught me substance.”

Tarita is a soul with creativity rooting and brimming out of her. Beside drawing, she also design tattoo and jewelries. She studies the art of make-up and body piercing. All of these seems to be treated as toys for her, to be played around, for fun! – and to explore the curiosity of her imaginations. “When I have a great love for something, I have this obsession of some sort to completely explore all aspects of it in many different mediums possible. In this field, drawing and painting comes in many different mediums besides just a pencil/pen or paint and paintbrush. Since I’ve been doing art for quite some time now, from draw, paint, sculpture, photography, woodwork, ceramics, makeup, etc. Sculpture is another medium I’m totally in love with, especially ceramics and found-object sculpture. Jewelry for me is another kind of sculpture, but in a smaller scale, which lets me work even when there’s just a small space on the table. Hence, I do makeup and tattoos because I see them as a different medium in creating a visual statement. What draws me in the most is that each medium has a unique technical method and approach to the creative process which really interests me as an artist to understand how each of them work. “

Her solo show, Invisible Creatures; The Art of Tarita Aurora, was exhibited in June 2011 in Treehouse Jakarta. She also has attended Nylon & Nylon Guys Art & Fashion Week exhibition in October 2011.

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