Toshima (b. Tetsuya Toshima, Tokyo, 1975) didn’t go to any college but manages to give births to myriad of minimalist drawings done by complex yet brilliant techniques. Toshima, who has been active in field of print and web graphics to TV programs, to interiors and fashion, all with the goal of visually communicating messages of concepts, says, “I don’t choose production measures to express consciousness of time. Because of this I believe I can generate works which have a universality similar to that of time.”

Time is the major theme throughout Toshima’s works. For him, time governs both life and death. The basis of time, past, present and future, act as proof of one’s existence. “Therefore I sometimes fall into the illusion that I am being swept away in the flow of time.”

Most of Toshima’s works are done in black & white, with a bit of color accent in several cases, to prevent a person to see a work from being influenced by too many color. It allows viewers to breathe and enjoy his multi-reflected dimensional work calmly. Been drawing since fifteen years ago, he thinks that it is important not to be caught by a fixed idea. “I think creative expression also grows with myself. However, it is a daily objective to be in a position to continue send new messages as an artist.”

To name a few, Toshima has been working with Motorola, Opps, Poolga, Victor Entertainment, Matinique, Konami, Fuji Television, Five Fox, Uniqlo, Tres Tintas Barcelona, Victorinox — he also has been featured in Illusive Contemporary Illustration by Gestalten, 2K by Gingham, Dazed and Confused, Digital Artist Magazine, Icon Magazine.

Toshima has attended some exhibitions such as The Affordable Art Fair (Singapore), Signal 8 Exhibition (Hong Kong), Individual Exhibition (Tokyo) — won several competitions such as Levi’s Laser Art, International Shift 2009, and 6th Annual All-Japan Art Salon.

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