When it comes to batik and pattern and how to turn classic design into exciting design, we have Wanda to do that. Ace Creative Network, a company came to us with an established batik signature design that needs to be rejuvenated.
Re-visioning a batik is not as easy as it looks, it is complex, detailed and filled with protocols, because each batik design has cultural philosophy & value that has to be preserved, even though the design is being re-drew.

These are what Wanda created within 2-days work for Ace Creative Network’s website:

Gladly we got positive response from client, noticing from what the boss said when seeing the design, “Have our new name cards been printed yet? Let’s change the batik with this one.” “The design is already going to printing factory, sir.” “Well can you stop it?”
Haha. A fun challenge by all means.
Agency: SUNDAY, brand: Ace Creative Network.