Wanda (b. Indah Irawandhani Kamarga, Jakarta, 1984) studied Visual Communication Design couple years back and started her career path as Art Director in advertising agency, before she realizes that what she always enjoyed doing was just drawing, “From boring classes back in elementary school to boring meetings at work, I have always been doodling. My mom’s job back then had a lot to do with fabrics so patterns and motifs have always been my inspiration.” – as she said back then in our interview. This explains how almost all of her work are strongly patterned and somehow, structured – yet, still, fluid.

Besides drawing, Wanda loves film photography, pottery, biking and diving. All sounds like a recreational hobby, but for her, the things she likes doing are the nutrition for her passion. “My latest curiosity is pottery, I’m falling in love with this ancient old art. It does add more colors to other things I do, and somehow gives more degrees of angle to my perspective. As for photography, my dad used to tell me that it doesn’t matter what camera you use, just point and shoot whenever you feel it. Then there’s biking and scuba diving, these sports look different from the seeing eye but both have the same idea that I like; together with your friends, you wander around exploring places, and meet new people, and they’re not competitive sports, in fact, very communal…

Now imagine if I could create ads using a potter’s point of view, or take pictures from illustator’s point of view, or make illustrations from diver’s point of view, well the possibilities are endless, right?” — Right.

We can totally feel Wanda’s spirit, yes indeed, in every damn day, the lines get disappear by time. Everything is interconnected, All is One. Wanda adds one more example about that, “We make commercials from art, and we make art in commercial spaces. These days the border line between art and commercial became more and more blurry, and the choice of mediums are limitless. I think emerging Indonesian artists adapt very well to this. There are no more box to limit our minds.. The excitement had only just begun.”

Wanda has been doing Mural works with Bates141 Jakarta, and also has been drawing wedding invitations & gifts.

If you have a “mission” you think would be perfect for Wanda, email us.


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