Wolf (b. Wolfgang Silveri, Graz, 1974) who went to College in Graz and studied Architecture and Stagedesign at the Art College, who also loves the cinema and collect furnitures from the 50’s, got in touch with photography since the age of 12, and went the classical analog way, in darkrooms, 100% self taught.

“After my studies I have been working for a theatre company for 2 years and started working as freelance photographer in 2004. And it felt good, like coming home.” – Wolf believes that photography is his best way for telling stories, to reflect his views without words needed. Wolf is patient, calm, yet meticulous when exploring his perspectives. “I prefer to catch something in its natural quality or expression. But on the other hand I’m only satisfied, when I got what I wanted. I’m not looking for perfection, but more for exactness.”

“What inspires me is very different from one and another. For people photography, sometimes it is a scene from movie, a special light. For architecture photography it could be because my eyes respond very much to clear and graphical solutions in architecture. As simple as that.”

And then he added,
“Most people are not capable of seeing things, they pass by with blinders. I just try to show, that there is always another point of view, you might not recognize in the first place, but there’s always new way to look at something. It changes a lot, when you move a bit to the left or right, and you suddenly get something new.”

To name a few, Wolf has worked with Vienna Design Week, RUHRtriennale, HoG Architektur, Jakob Bader Architektur, Springer Architektur, MO Architektur, Life Medicine Resort, Hinterland.ag, MAK Nite, Gstaad Festival Orchester, Amaroo Concept, Raumlabor Berlin, Newport Holding GmbH, and many more.

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_Location: Berlin & Munich, Germany (Available for long distance & project calling) • Wolf’s updates   _HIRE_



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